Arachnid Warrior Bug


This is a short animation showing Arachnid Warrior Bug created for a school project.

The basemesh was modeled in Maya. Transfered to Mudbox where I sculpted and textured it with some addidional texture work done in Photoshop. Detail was transfered in maps back to Maya where I rigged and animated it.

The first shot also has a quick cameraprojection scene, but it was rendered quickly with no shadows on. The second shot was rendered in 1280x720 without background setting. Rendered with V-Ray.

UFO News Report


In this school project we were tasked with creating a short film of a fictional catastrophy news report. We had to make it look like a regular newscast in terms of on-screen graphics, but the actual story was to be fictional. Some of the footage material was shot against a greenscreen, which was also part of the assignment. We also had to create and integrate 3D content into the live footage.

Apart from doing some acting, I was in charge with creating the UFO and putting it into the footage. I also did most audio mixing work.



This animation has a couple of industrial robots and was created to exercise different animation techniques at school.

House Visualization


This animation was created for a project at school where we supposed to create an animated visualization of a house.
It was based on a simple set of blueprints and some reference images from the construction company.

House Construction with a Twist


Created this animation as a school exercise. We imported a model of a house, cleaned it up and chopped it into pieces and animated them.
I went beyond the scope of the exercise and made the house explode after being built.

Sea and Buoy


This was another school exercise to create an ocean with something floating in it.

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