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Ever since I first got in contact with computers as a child it has been a large part of my life. Not just playing games, from the start I wanted to make my own. Starting early making simple 2D games I went on to desing levels to 3D games. From there my interest shifted a bit towards pure 3D content, not just for games.

I’m looking forward to working as a CG artist, mainly in the fields of realtime graphics. When I work with things that interest me I get entirely consumed by it, sometimes even forgetting to take breaks.


I get a lot of inspiration from the forest, which is my favourite place away from the computer screen. It is both complex and diverse.

When I create images I often try to depict things that only exist in my mind. I do try to make things look as if they were actually real.


I have good modeling abilities in both Maya och 3d Studio Max, however I’m currently most comfortable using Max. I started using Maya when I came in contact with it during high school. I switched to using 3d Studio Max fall of 2010 when I started my studies at Computer Graphics Design.

I also have good abilities using Photoshop, which I’ve used in my spare time for nearly eight years now. I’ve mainly used it for creating gameoriented textures.

I am a pretty good problemsolver and I have some programming experience.

A list of a couple of other programs I’ve used frequently:

Unity3D - Realtime visualization/game engine

Allegorithmic MaPZone - Procedural texturing tool

Radiant och Hammer - Leveldesigntools

Reason - Virtual Music Studio


High School – Digital Produktion, 3 years, Portalens Gymnasium Göteborg, 2002-2005

YH – Computer Graphics Design, 400p/2years, Yrkeshögskolan Göteborg, 2010-2012

Recreational Interests

I like to watch movies, sci-fi movies in particular speaks to me the most. There’s also a soft spot in me for monster movies. Add the two together and I’m sold.

Computer games have always been one of my main interests. I mainly play games that takes place in a different world. Games that depict historical or present confilc don’t interest me. Neither do sports games. I’ve previously spent a lot of time developing my own content for games, and even a few standalone games entirely.

I read a lot of books too, but my choice of genre is a lot more varied compared to movies.

I’ve also dabbled in some electronic music.

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