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My name is Daniel Schneider and I am an aspiring CG artist.

Sometime during my first ten years of life I came in contact with video games for the first time. As for many others it became a fascination to me and still is.

A few years later on our family got a computer and I got my first computer program. This program, called Klik & Play, let you create your own simple 2D computer games and I started spending a lot of my computer time developing games.

Further on I started creating levels for various commercial games and also got involved in some so-called "modding". Modding involves taking a commercial game and modifying it, sometimes so much that it becomes a completely different game.

In high school I studied at a university preparing technical program at Portalens Gymnasium in Gothenburg. As my final project there I made a complete multiplayer FPS game.

I recently graduated from Computer Graphics Design, a polytechnic education at Yrkeshögskolan Göteborg. Aplying to this education felt like the natural step towards becoming a fully fledged CG artist.

Currently, I am working as a CG Artist and Programmer at Atvis.


You can get in contact with me through email: Turned into image to fight spam mail


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